Re-homing vintage jewelry in many creative ways!

Did you spend hours adoring the beautiful pieces in your Grandma’s jewelry boxes? I have a passion for finding new ways to bring these intricate works of art back into your life. Let’s face it, our ancestors would not be happy with their gorgeous jewelry stuffed away in a box and never seeing the light of day. We appreciate the sturdy construction, the colors, the sparkle, the variety of stones and how they were all chosen to come together as one art piece.

I realize that life is very different now and you may not have as many opportunities to wear a brooch. Let us help you find a new creative ways to enjoy it. Let’s incorporate them into your decor and have them on display. Or, let’s find a new way to wear it that fits your style. Rest assured, we are vintage snobs and would never dismantle the original jewelry. In all of our work, we maintain the original functionality of the jewelry. We want you to be able to remove the brooch and wear it on special occasions, or have it to pass on to your family members, in whatever way they choose to best enjoy it.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with you!

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